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Voice of a Smouldering Coal

She noticed everything. Intermittently, as if instinctively gauging the height of the flame, she called me to at- tention when Eye grew unaware of my drift, too close to it, and Eye will promptly take my cardboard fan to vigorously re-energising the fire.


With their dazzling boisterous character, the flames will howl again and Eye am always wafted into an elation of sentences made vapour, made ghosts be- decked in an elegy of sparks, an aurora of broken bodies of fire, ashes sucked-in, in an act of disappearance, heavenwards!


My Mother will say: It is OK now; Mommy’s boy is getting sleepy! Put down the fan. The fire raging too much, let it boil down a bit.


Fire is life itself. It starts off cool like a child in its Mother’s womb. Then, when it is time to come out and go on its own, there is pain. And, there is screaming and more screaming until it becomes full grown, standing tall in its rage.

Voice of a Smouldering Coal

  • ISBN Number

    978-8054-70-8 (hardcover)

    976-8054-71-5 (softcover)

    Cost (TTD)

    SC- 600


    Year Published


    Publisher UTT Press
    Copyright LeRoy Clarke, 2007
    Design & Layout

    Paria Publishing Company Limited

    Photography by:


    Alice Besson, LeRoy Clarke

    Paintings: Gary Jordan


    Coal pot:

    Cynthia Nelson Photography

    Printed by

    The Office Authority Ltd

    Produced in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, 2010
    NO. of Pages


    Editorial Assistance: Babu & Ruth Ketema - TOTEM Ltd

    Size ( W x H cm)

    SC- 10.2362 x 8.858268



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